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Square Yardage Calculator
   In order to properly calculate your rooms square yardage, you must first take a measurement of your rooms length and width in feet. Once this has been done, you can begin to calculate your yardage. Since most rooms do not measure to an exact foot, use the conversion table below to change your numbers before entering them into the calculator. (ex. 5 feet 3 inches = 5.25)
**Remember: Village Carpet's prices include Padding, Installation and Tax. Please use this tool for estimation purposes only. An additional 5% is added to each calculation to cover waste**
1 inch = 0.08
2 inches = 0.17
3 inches = 0.25
4 inches = 0.33
5 inches = 0.42
6 inches = .050
7 inches = 0.58
8 inches = 0.67
9 inches = 0.75
10 inches = 0.83
11 inches = 0.92
Floor Length (ft):
Floor Width (ft):
Price/ Sq. Yard:
Square Yardage: 0
Total Price: $0
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